Yellow Yacht is Moving to Portugal

If you read my last post, you would have seen that I had a few intentions for 2021, one of which was to move to Devon.

Well, that's not happening anymore.

We always intended to move abroad in a couple of years but felt like we needed to stay in the UK for all of our friends wedding and baby plans. We weren't sure if it was feasible right now but our conversations always kept coming back to being abroad.

The same friend who asked me "Why don't you just do it?" about Yellow Yacht, also said recently, "People are always going to be having babies and getting married!"

I couldn't argue it so that same weekend Cesare and I made the decision to do it and make the move in May.

So, what does that mean for Yellow Yacht?

It was always my dream to progress to making Rum and the bar and cocktail kits were always a way of gradually evolving the business to get there. However, I picked up some contracting work and that allowed me the money and time to seek enrolling into a distillery course.

I recognise I have got a lot of learning to do so I will be working part time and keeping my head down to get that license! But I will still be taking requests for Personalised Cocktail Recipes as well as sharing some of my journey, along the way.

See you in Portugal!

Lots of Love,


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