The Launch Party

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

I was told once that a bad rehearsal makes for a good show and there was some truth behind this on the day of the launch. Two key problems that could have set things back; A delayed delivery; And the downpour that started half hour before the party started.

A quick diversion to save the ice in the delivery and thankfully the rain did not last long after the party started. There was plenty of cake and BBQ food to be had. As well as beautifully personalised biscuits, made by my sister. My old man even had a hazelnut infused tequila shot with me.

I wanted to throw a soft launch (hence part 1) for a few reasons;

  • Apply what I already knew into practise so that I could highlight areas of improvement

  • Begin building a presence

  • Understand the practicalities such as how much alcohol will I need

  • Put my cocktails to the test

The party most certainly helped me learn a few things as well;

  • Fresh herbs do not hold up well in spirits over the course of a few hours

  • I should avoid over-complicating recipes and focus on the core flavours

  • Serve wine (I had everything but)

  • Some cocktails simply do not dispense well

It was rewarding to see that the environmentally friendly bio-degradable cups as well as the metal cups were a hit and my idea of prepared cocktails, fundamentally works. I loved how vibrant the colours of the drinks came through, considering it was mostly natural and fresh ingredients used. However, the event has given me a few things to think about.

But I'm not going to spill all just yet.

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