Simple Summer Fruit Infusions

A few years back, I was short on cash for presents for friends so I decided to DIY it and make Skittles Rum Shots. I had infused rum with the different skittle colours and then poured each colour into miniature jam jars. They were shit.

I felt that getting a new flavour out of a spirit shouldn't be so hard and so I experimented with rose infused gin, Coffee infused Tequila, Coffee and Hazelnut infused Tequila and Strawberry infused Rum. I even ended up infusing vodka with lots of lemons and limes to make an even citrusier version of my classic Eloisa Squeezer for my initial launch party. I have great memories of sharing the coffee tequila with friends at their summer wedding too - I don't think any of us felt so great the next day but I think we all agreed that it was worth it.

Using ingredients that hadn't been processed made for a much simpler process and a much tastier drink. These turned out great. And the key to making it work was to just keep the recipe simple. They also look so beautiful in the bottles.

And so here are two infusions I have recently tried and tested to share; A Strawberry Infused Martini and a Blueberry Rum.

Strawberry Infused Martini

Blueberry Infused Rum

You'll need

  • 1L Glass Bottle

  • 250-300g Strawberries (Washed and Quartered)

  • 700ml Martini Bianco

  • ​1L Glass Bottle

  • 250-300g Blueberries (Washed)

  • 700ml White Rum


This is so incredibly simple that I'm not sure it's even necessary to put the method in, however, here it goes:

  • Put your chosen fruit into your bottle and then top it up with your spirit

  • Seal tightly and leave it in a cool dark corner for 2-3 days

  • Optional - Remove the fruit.

  • Store in the fridge to keep it cold and fresh.

  • That's it!

Within a couple of hours, you'll notice that the spirit takes on the colour of the fruit but you'll need to leave it for a couple of days to make sure the flavour is fully absorbed.

Serving Suggestions

There are a few ways you can serve up your infusion too:

  • Serve 50ml poured over ice as a aperitif at the end of a meal, just before or after dessert. It looks beautiful in the bottle so a lovely way to impress guests that eat or drink with their eyes.

  • Pour 10-20ml in a champagne flute and top up with your favourite bubbles as a simple but eye catching welcome drink (easy to prep ahead of time too)

  • Shots! Shots! Shots!

  • Serve over crushed ice, with a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon and top up with soda water.

  • Sieve out the fruit and divide the drink between smaller bottles to serve as gifts or gift as the whole bottle. At some point, I'll do another post on how to create these kits as they make for great gifts.

I am also testing out a Peach infused Tequila....If you don't hear about that again, assume it didn't turn out well.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the glassware or ingredients I used, you can buy them from the following links. I'll get a kickback at no extra cost to you.

Speak soon,

C x

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