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It is clearly summer time. No conversation can be started without someone mentioning the heat, how many degrees it is, if they went to the beach or bought a new fan. Me included. And I love it. It also means that we are in the middle of BBQ season.

I love a BBQ from the smell of grilled fish, slow grazing throughout the day, fresh crisp salads to cheeky ice creams at the end but they can often be a faff to host. Especially if you fail to prepare properly. I am super organised and so often prep a lot of the work ahead of time and then BBQ one or two key elements as the show stopper so I can enjoy the sunshine with my guests.

It's easy to keep people topped up with wine and beer from an ice bucket but if you want to wow your friends with some tasty cocktails, dispensers are going to become your new favourite BBQ tool. Now that the fad of them as calmed down a little, they're pretty reasonable to buy too. There are plenty of options from amazon starting from about £12 for a 3 Litre kilner. If you're on a budget, I picked up mine from Wilkinson for £8. But you can also reduce the recipe and serve in a classic 1L glass jug.

You can serve your simple cocktails (such as whiskey and coke, or vodka lime and soda) by just emptying the whole bottles of booze into the dispenser and then topping up with 2 bottles of your mixer, however, here is a recipe for when you want to ppppaaarrrrttttyyyy well into the evening, where guests can easily help themselves.

Recipe Ingredients

All you need to do is add all your ingredients into your dispenser just in time for when your guests arrive and then place it on your drinks table with a stack of clean glasses. If you want to make it sweeter, swap the tonic water with more lemonade.

The key to this recipe in hot weather is prep! Keep all your soft drinks in the fridge until you're ready to pour and slice and freeze your lemons and limes the night before. I always have a bag of reusable ice in the freezer that also works perfectly for keeping your drinks cool without watering down the flavour. That said, you'll still want to add your usual ice cubes for the recipe - two trays will do the trick. And be warned, this cocktail is deceitfully strong so make sure you have another dispenser filled with lots of water too.

Enjoy (responsibly)

Chantée x

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