My 2021 Intentions

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I recently attended a Google Meet hosted by a good friend, Chidubem. The intention of the meeting, or so we thought, was to set goals for ourselves for 2021, but during an activity to help us with our goal setting, she asked us a hard hitting question.....'Imagine decades into the future, you are surrounded by your family, friends and ex-colleagues and it is your retirement party. What will you look back on and regret?"

We all nervously laughed and then fell silent. What a question to be asked so early on into the New Year.

After we did the rounds and shared our thoughts; it was clear there was a similar theme between all of us women; Despite all of our successes in our different fields, we all thought we may look back and regret that we didn't celebrate our wins more; give ourselves the credit we have deserved, do deserve and will deserve.

We all left the Google Meet with a shared goal; to be kinder to ourselves.

As far as my own goals planning for this year is, I plan on:

  • Moving to Devon with Cesare

  • Making Yellow Yacht my sole income by the end of 2021 and turning a profit (you will notice some minor price increases in the coming days. A woman's got bills to pay)

  • Getting Cocktail Dispensers out to your smaller DIY weddings

  • Creating at least 15 new cocktail recipes for my special yellow book

  • Advocating for small businesses more (Watch this space)

  • Sharing more content on Instagram with you all on what's inside the kits

  • Creating some new products and kits

  • Reading more

  • Walking more

  • Singing more

One of the talented women in attendance said that this year, rather than setting ourselves goals; we should be setting ourselves intentions. This year may not be the year for goal setting and that is absolutely fine.

I definitely intend to do all of the aforementioned, but I plan on celebrating all the wins along the way and I definitely look to celebrating them all with you.

2022 may see some measurable, real goals but I'll jump that hurdle when it comes to it. Thinking about my retirement has already exhausted me.

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