It's been a while...

It's been over a year since I last wrote and not a lot has happened on the drinks front but there's been a lot happening in the background life.

As per my last blog, I have moved to Portugal and I have been living here just shy of one year. I even have my residencia. We're planning on being here for at least another a year, before the next adventure takes us somewhere new.

I've not enrolled into that distillery course just yet. That goal is out of sight currently, but definitely not out of mind.

Consultancy has taken up a lot of time as well as summer holiday hosting, weddings, the beginnings of sailing and....our own wedding planning! So whilst the year for Yellow Yacht hadn't gone entirely to plan, I'm definitely not complaining.

That being said, Yellow Yacht has been playing on mind recently. I'm missing writing drinks recipes and experimenting with new flavours. And so I wanted to get back into sharing recipes.

I'm going to take a slightly old school approach to it, as like many people, I've fallen out of love with Instagram and will eventually delete the page. But alas, all I will be sharing and recipes for a drinks blog and contemplating a semi-regular newsletter.

So sign up if you want blog updates and little boozey (and non booze) updates in-between

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