In Season Syrups

When reading drinks recipes online, especially for cocktails, you'll find mentions of a range of syrups and cordials and whilst these syrups often taste great and do elevate flavours...they're not always worth the money or the space. I make drinks on the regular at home and it still takes me about a 12-18 months to use up these syrups.

However, something that always gets used up much fast are my homemade syrups! They're so easy to make and for whatever reason, homemade flavours are always a lot more satisfying.

I've teamed up with Forage Box for this post so you can get the ingredients to help make your own In Season Syrups! If you haven't heard of them before, they are a delivery and education service for all things foraged. From monthly fresh foraged subscription boxes delivering wild garlic in spring and mushrooms come autumn time, they also sell a beautiful selection of drinks and syrups AS WELL as hosting events to teach you how to forage for your own ingredients!

I did my own foraging (nearby) in my mothers garden a couple of years ago, when I received a request for a personalised recipe. And so was born two Yellow Yacht Recipes - The Sprig of Steve, a lemon and rosemary cocktail and the super simple Rosemary Syrup.

For those who aren't adventurous tasters, this drink will not make you feel like you're sipping on a roast chicken but it will pair well with it.

First, the syrup which will be creating the flavour profile for your drink

Now for a Sprig of Steve!

If you want to learn more about foraging and how to be more self sufficient, then check out Forage Box! If you subscribe and sign up, I'll get a kick back at no extra cost to you.

Speak soon,

C x

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