I've missed Live Music

The last time I saw live music (bar pub bands), I saw Michael Kiwanuka in Brighton, the December before Covid hit. I have MISSED live music. Experiencing my favourite artists perform is one of my top 5 feelings in the whole world. I was so happy to get to see not one, not two, but three live events throughout the course of July. And of course, it meant that I tested positive for the Rona when I got home.

We saw Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Paris, Haim in Leeds and then to a friends charity mini festival event in Sussex. We were in holiday mode. And of course, when we're in holiday mode, food and drinks are even more at the forefront of our mind.

I like to experience places through their food and drink and so booked two different food tours whilst we were in Paris. But the gem of our trip, was when we happened upon a Restaurant called TonTon in Paris. Tonton is the affectionate name that Cesare had for his grandfather. If ever there was a sign, this was it.

We had spent most of the afternoon that day around St. Germain so it seemed even more fitting, that we should order ourselves a St Germain Spritz whilst we worked out what to eat. And I don't want to be cliché but, it truly was the best spritz I'd ever had.

I'm fairly certain they had elevated the simple cocktail with fresh lime zest and frothy egg whites. But still, it's a relatively simple cocktail, that you can try at home. All you need is a Large Wine Glass, 50ml Elderflower Liqueur, topped up with a dry Prosecco and decorated with a sprig of lavender or thyme. And it absolutely must be served chilled. It's also a very easy cocktail to make over the summer if you have plenty of guests.

Our last night in Paris led us to a hotel bar where the food was mediocre (it's ok, we bought biscuits on our way back to our room) but the cocktails were très beau! Cesare and I like to order each other a surprise drink every so often. I almost always usually come out on top with this game.

I have to say that I can't exactly remember what was in either of them, but Chez got the Tiki cocktail and I, a floral 'Fleur da la Vie'. The food presented to us wasn Instragram worthy but not flavour worthy. However, these cocktails were aesthetically pleasing AND delicious.

After Paris, we flew to Manchester for a couple of days before we went to Leeds. Everyone I had spoken to about Manchester, told me to get my ass to the Northern Quarter. Thankfully, our hotel was right on the doorstep. After a weekend full of macaroons and choux pastries, neither of us fancied too much alcohol. But we couldn't check into our hotel and it turned out that The Alchemist was not far. Who cares if it was a Monday? We were in holiday mode after all.

We'd been to the Liverpool branch a couple of years ago with some of our best friends after Cesare had done some online research. We were all excited, but Cesare exceptionally so. You can imagine his disappointment when we all got amazing cocktails with bubbles, sparks, tall decorations and lots and lots of dry ice and his came out with a QR code coaster that didn't work. So this time, he left the ordering to me.

If you've never been to an Alchemist bar before and you want to be in awe, their menu has symbols for the different varieties of splendour that their drinks offer. Most notably, the dry ice.

And in case you are worried - all their staff are talented so you're drink is going to deliver to your taste buds too!

Of course, many more drinks than these were had, but that's enough for today readers. I'll share some more summer tipples in my next post.

Lots of Love,

C x

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