Blue Crush

Photo by Lee Ann Snyman

I remember going on a couple of family holidays to Spain and the Canaries when I was younger. My palette wasn't as *cough* refined then so those holidays have very little food and drink memories, besides being grossed out by fish and shellfish served whole, face and all. (Something I am happy to say no longer horrifies me.) I do, however, have distinct memories of seeing other holiday makers drinking the most elaborate looking cocktails and to the teenage eye, they looked delicious and eccentric and so, so colourful. Under the eye of my folks, though, I obviously stuck to the juice or Fanta and then maybe...just maybe I'd be allowed one blue WKD later if I was well behaved!

Whilst I never tried those elaborate cocktails. I always imaged that they tasted a bit like a blue powerade slushy and that reeeaaalllyyyyy appealed to my unrefined palate. I never quite found a cocktail in my adult life that actually tasted what I was expecting and so I eventually came up with my own - The Blue Crush.

You can buy all the ingredients and some of the tools online if you follow the links before. I'll get a kickback at no extra cost to you.

Speak soon,

C x

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